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Liqueur based on an infusion with green walnuts . (Juglans regia) The night of St. John, June 24, is the canonical date for the collection of unripe nuts intended for the packaging of our Nocino. This precise moment is in fact the " balsamic time " which, in synergy with the practice of ancient recipes from high Ciociaria to Abruzzi, bear witness to the loyalty and passion for this old tradition that makes us choose the unripe fruit of the younger plants collected on the external branches in best exposure, making sure to remove them with the hands without the aid of any cutting tool and metal. Caution used throughout the procedure, infusion, maceration, filtration, warehousing. The first period of the infusion takes place in tightly closed containers in the sun without the full and direct light. What matters is the heat, crucial to the extraction of aroma compounds from plant material and possibly for the dissolution of the sugar; the light on the contrary may cause alterations. The filtering process takes place in two stages, after which a curing period is required to gradually eliminate the unpleasant taste of free alcohol. Only after a proper curing period does our "Nocino di San Giovanni" strike the right balance in the assimilation of various aromatic substances and maturation . In fact, alcohol has the ability to mix intimately with characteristic flavors of the various substances in infusion: walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. An extraordinary bouquet is thus created in harmony with the three organoleptic qualities: color, aroma and flavor.

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