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Sambuca Vecchia 150 CL - Sarandrea


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Marca Sarandrea
Region Umbria
Condizione Nuovo

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Liquor made from distilled flowers of elderberry (Sambucus nigra) and infusion of different species of anise. The special formula of ingredients - alcohol of excellent quality, fresh and clear water of the Ernici springs, highly soluble fine sugars, combinations of different species of anise and distilled flowers of elderberry (Sambucus Nigra) - give it a unique taste that cannot be compared to other products on the market. The "Sambuca Sarandrea " stands out because it is the result of a bouquet, tried and tested by the centuries, that is at its best thanks to the richness of aromatic and therapeutic properties of the plants used. The only Sambuca with the "Distillate Elder Flowers," recipe handed down to posterity through a precious “semplicitario” (easy book) through a patient herbalist and Certosino botanist who studied carefully the "Podestas Herbarum et Usum medend" referring back to the Abbey of Montecassino, from which originated the famous "School of Salerno." The Sambuca Vecchia Sarandrea is qualified as "Old" because it still uses the old Certosina formula dosed carefully in its entirety component. In 1961, Pope John XIII, after enjoying our Sambuca, wanted to express his liking it with an autograph with which authorized the "Liquoreria Marco Sarandrea" to use the title of "Sole Supplier of the Vatican State". For these and other historical, chemical, and scientific reasons, the "Old Sambuca Sarandrea" remains unique and unsurpassed. The connoisseur can observe its effects on how the taste is distributed on the palate, the sides of the tongue, and its long and pleasant persistence.

Thanks to its fragrant bouquet, other than plain, it is very good accompanied with coffee, dark chocolate and to prepare delicious, fresh desserts made with ricotta cheese and chocolate.


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Sambuca Vecchia 150 CL - Sarandrea

Sambuca Vecchia 150 CL - Sarandrea