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Liquor made from an infusion of herbs. This liquor was born around 1920, at the end of the First World War, when the Capuchin Paolo Sarandrea, after leaving the post of military Chaplain, resumed his studies as herbalist with the intention of highlighting the virtues of medicinal plants that abound on Ernici Mountains, and benefitting in liqueurs. Supported by his brother, Marco Sarandrea, he perfected the ancient recipes of medicinal liquors, such as the liquor "Biosfero" a regenerative tonic that is "Amaro S. Marco”.

The plants that characterize it have the common function of stimulating digestion, regulating the flow of bile, protecting the liver, regulating diuresis and bowel functions, as well as antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory qualities. All properties of the plants used exert their potential, to the utmost, when infused in alcohol and high-quality spring water.

The right amounts of ingredients, carefully dosed, make the Amaro San Marco a high quality liquor with properties that go beyond the simple digestive. Enjoyed after a meal, plain or with ice, or as an aperitif, Amaro San Marco, however, gives us a sensory break full of pleasant aromas and fragrances.

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