Crepe with Nettles
  • Crepe with Nettles

Crepe with Nettles

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Ingredients (for 4):

3 eggs
300 ml milk
30 g of melted butter
115 g flour
1 handful of nettle boiled, not overly dry and cut into pieces
300 g cottage cheese

Mix everything except cottage cheese, for one minute or until smooth. Place in a large flat mold, well oiled and with enough hot mass in order to get a thin layer and as wide as the bottom of the pot itself. Bake enough so that the pancakes can be turned. Turn and cook on the other side. Remove from the heat and place in a dish, leaving the pan free for later crepes. When the crepes are ready, make a dash in the center of the curd, rolled up like a cigar and eat it hot or cold. One tip: if you use a non-stick fry be careful not to toast them too much because in addition to burning the pancakes, the superheating of Teflon (from 300 ° C) produces toxic. If a cast iron or steel skillet is used, it is possible for the crepes to stick on the bottom of the pan. To avoid this pour the oil into the pan, just enough to grease the entire surface, and heat until the oil begins to smoke slightly. Then let cool and put the next. This time cook the pancakes before it overheats.

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