gastronomic weekend

Weekend in the natural oasis of the Regional Park of Colfiorito plateau Umbro between Nature, History, Gastronomy

Immersed in a unique biodiversity, where you can observe rich testimonies of species of flora and vegetation. The excellent wetland ecosystem is the ideal habitat for the reproduction of many species of aquatic birds rare and protected as "The Bittern", which counts the Oasis Natural the highest density of specimens in Europe.

The landscape of hills and karst plains is unchanged symbol of the history of the agricultural and pastoral civilizations of the Apennines, scenery of the ancient city of Plestia, which are preserved numerous archaeological finds of the "forts", settlement pattern prevailing since the end of the tenth century B.C until the Roman conquest, of which a fine example is located on Monte Orve. In the town of Colfiorito you can visit the "Archaeological Museum of Colfiorito"

The composition of soils, their fertility, and even the altitude of around 800 meters above sea level, where they are located, have created ideal conditions for the organic cultivation of spelled, lentils, chickpeas, barley, Cicerchie, Red Potato, Saffron. In addition to these products of the earth you can taste pork butchery products, no preservatives and aged naturally in healthy environments and to 800 m above sea level heights.

In periods of favorable harvest you can participate in guided tours by mycologists, looking for spontaneous peasant herbs, truffles and mushrooms epigeal, with cooking and tasting classes.

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